EST. | 2017

737 W. 5th Ave Suite G

Anchorage, AK 99501

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Alaska Escape Rooms is Anchorage’s #1 escape room! Interactive, indoor fun for all ages that will test your logic, problem-solving skills and outside the box thinking. Our escape room experience is unique and immersive. Almost anything in your surroundings may be used in your race against the clock to escape. Great for any occasion-birthdays, girls night out, or a last-minute reprieve from inclement weather. We also offer team building services- find out how well your team REALLY works together! We are in the heart of Downtown Anchorage, near many other local attractions! Right off the corner of 5th Ave and G St., our main entrance is right next to Uncle Joe's Pizzeria.


The challenge awaits...  You may escape the room, but you’ll never escape the fun at ALASKA ESCAPE ROOMS!




Abigail, a sweet, gentle woman with her whole life ahead of her. The Raven Lord, an enigma born from nightmares.  One is eager to embrace our world with kindness, looking for the best in everyone. The other sees our world as nothing but darkness and despair. Abigail has a light inside her few do. The Raven Lord has forgotten what the light is. These two could not be more different, yet a dark connection binds them to each other. The Raven Lord has abducted Abigail. Is it to save her from the darkness of our world that the Raven Lord fears will hurt her….or is it something far more sinister?


“Raven’s Eye” is a one of a kind, award winning escape room experience, created in the vein of “choose your own adventure” books. As a player, you must choose your own destiny. Will you play to rescue Abigail, sacrificing yourself in the process? Or will you choose to escape from the world of the Raven Lord and leave Abigail to the fate of her captor? Many will try to do both, but few will escape the Raven Lord’s world with Abigail. You must decide quickly, as the Raven Lord is aware of your presence in his world and he does not take Kindly to visitors. You have one hour….what will you do? 


A Magical Experience like no other custom made by local Alaskans and the product of over 3 years of everything we have. Hoping to be finished with beta and open in December 2021! Thank you for your patience!

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We are located in downtown Anchorage,

in the basement of the Glacier Brewhouse. 


737 W. 5th Ave Suite G

Anchorage AK 99501



Alaska Escape Rooms_final1.png